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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions :)

Do you make all of your products yourself?

I design and manufacture my jewelry and sewn products myself. I paint my stickers by hand on paper or canvas and then edit them digitally.  Some of my sticker motifs were painted in watercolor in collaboration with an illustrator friend and I prepared them digitally for printing. The older stickers were printed in Switzerland, the new ones in Sweden. They are additionally coated to ensure that my stickers last longer, and are already cut out to the exact contour without visible backing paper. 

I am currently purchasing all metal parts to incorporate into my pieces.

What metals do you use?

I mainly work with brass and 925 silver beads.  For earrings that do not have pearls in the design, I also use stainless steel. 

According to the manufacturer, all of my brass ear hooks are nickel-free. I randomly nickel test them every few months just to be sure. :)

All of my jewelry with silver beads have an integrated silver plate with a hallmark and a registered trademark.

How can I order? How does the ordering process work?

You can order via the online shop, or if you would like to have your piece of jewelry or bag specially modified, or would like to create a completely new design together, get in touch. It's best to contact me directly via Whatsapp or email. We'll discuss what you have in mind and I'll make you an offer. 

If you order a ready-to-ship item via the online shop. I will ship it within 1-3 working days; for personalized pieces of jewelry that I make to order, processing usually takes 1-3 weeks. If you need your piece of jewelry on a specific date, please contact us before placing your order. preferably directly with me. I travel to markets regularly throughout the year and also work part-time. That's why I can't always produce personalized orders and ship them directly within a few days.

I ship all items included in an order in one package. If you purchase ready-to-ship items with personalized items together in one order, I will ship all items together as soon as I receive your  personalized products  have produced.

Shipping currently costs 4.50 CHF with A-Post and 9.50  CHF registered. I only ship within Switzerland. You can also pick up your product at one of my markets. Contact me directly before ordering. 

How do I clean and care for my jewelry?

There are many different ways to clean brass: lemon juice/lemon peel, toothpaste, flour-vinegar-salt mixture, polishing cloths, etc.


I usually clean my personal pieces with toothpaste. To do this, I use regular toothpaste and scrub the metal parts with a toothbrush. (then wash well and dry)


However, you should always be careful with stone jewelry. Acids and cosmetics can attack, dull or discolor the stone.  It's best to only put on your jewelry after using both, after the products have already been well absorbed into the skin. It is also best to take off your items when swimming in chlorine and salt water and when using cleaning products.

Brass darkens more quickly when it comes into contact with water.  If this bothers you, you will need to carefully clean/polish your jewelry more often. 

The yarn of macrame jewelry becomes a little softer over time as the wax slowly rubs out over time. However, I use yarns that remain colorfast for a long time.  

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