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About me

My name is Maria and  Working creatively and manually is my greatest passion. Whether sewing, designing and making jewelry, drawing... I prefer to immerse myself in my projects for hours and days.

My story

Beginning of Corona Pandemic...

I was unemployed at the time and had severe anxiety.battle. To distract my thoughts a bit, I started making jewelry again as a hobby and learned a new technique. Several years and many YouTube instructional videos later, this new hobby has now become my profession.


Why Banshee Creations:

A banshee is an Irish legend/mythical figure, a ghost woman or banshee.

In Celtic mythology and Irish folklore, she is a female spirit from the Otherworld whose appearance heralds impending death.

I chose this name because the song "The Banshee" by the band Enforcer was my absolute favorite song for a long time.  :) 

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